Even when all the requirements for a new infrastructure are precisely defined, selecting the right system and vendor is essential for the success of a project.

Our server and storage expertise team will offer you unbiased advice and point you to the best server and storage solutions on the market.

We conceptualize your infrastructure for maximum security, efficient operation, high speed, seamless scalability, lowest cost, and above all, tailored to your exact application needs.

The integration of proven standard systems into existing infrastructures, as well as the design of vendor-independent, complete solutions are just as much a part of our core competencies as the comprehensive support of the server and the storage landscape during the entire lifecycle. Our expertise in consulting and design leads to economical and flexible server and storage infrastructures, which are individually adapted to your requirements. Operational security and maximum scalability create added value in the long term, as the solution grows with the requirements and ensures the availability of critical business processes at all times.



Power systems provide flexibility and a choice of operating systems so your business can choose the best applications for your business needs. No matter how many are executed, the PowerVM virtualization solution maximizes the value of Power Systems in your business and the PowerHA SystemMirror cluster software makes critical environments highly available.

IBM-i is an integrated operating environment that stands for outstanding security and high availability. As the IBM Business Partner with a main focus on “IBM-i Services,” we can implement all requirements for IBM-i (iSeries, AS / 400) with the highest quality and a true value-added element.

AIX / Linux is an open standards-based UNIX operating systems. More and more companies are choosing AIX and Linux operating systems based on IBM Power Systems. Building on decades of technological innovation from IBM, AIX is a leader in UNIX operating systems in terms of performance, security, and reliability.

Supported on all IBM Power Systems, Linux Power Systems is one of Linux’s only infrastructures that offers both scale-out and scale-up options with the reliability of Power Systems. The merger of IBM-i, AIX, and the support of Linux on a common hardware (power systems) can generate significant synergies.

As a certified IBM Premier Business Partner, we can offer power systems tailored to your needs and integrate them into your existing IT environment.

In the scale-out area and to implement 3-tier concepts, we rely on Intel-based systems in our projects and work together with market-leading companies.

Specifically, we can offer you systems from the following manufacturers:

  • Lenovo servers & blades
  • Dell Servers & Blades
  • Fujitsu Primergy Server
  • Cisco UCS solutions

For an operating system, we rely on Microsoft Windows as well as common Linux distributions with a focus on Red Hat. Our employees are trained in the latest operating system versions and have practical experience in the construction of small to large Intel system landscapes.

Following the trend towards converged and hyper-converged solutions, we have an exceptional partnership with Cisco Systems, which offers a leading solution in this field with its UCS system.



For the following third-party software products, we can offer you licenses, support, and subscriptions.

Application Software: BMD, Webquery

Backup and Archive Software: IBM Spectrum Protect (Tivoli Storage Manager), Veeam, IBM Spectrum Archive (GPFS, LTFS)

Data Management: IBM MQ Series, BMC Control M Scheduler, IBM Enterprise Service Bus (IIB), Connect Direct

Security Software: Maas360, QRadar

Server Virtualization: Microsoft Hyper V, VMware vSphere, IBM PowerVM, KVM (Open & Power)

Storage Virtualization: IBM Spectrum Virtualize Storage Virtualization (SAN Volume Controller), Microsoft Storage Spaces

Systems Management: Microsoft System Center SCCM


SAP Hana

With the use of SAP HANA, accelerated real-time transactions improve business processes and simplify interactions through greater efficiency and productivity. The improved analysis options create intelligent innovations and competitive advantages for your company.

Key factors in choosing your SAP HANA platform are reliability, availability, and performance.

The requirements that SAP HANA places on the system landscape and its operation must be considered just as seriously as the business opportunities and challenges. In this way, we can find the best possible solution for you. This applies to the use of an SAP HANA appliance as well as to the TDI approach (Tailored Datacenter Integration), which integrates an existing enterprise storage solution.

We are happy to advise you with manufacturer solutions that offer SAP HANA certified platforms and assist you in determining the business case, selecting the appropriate infrastructure, size, implementation, and operation of the SAP HANA solution ((on-site or off-site) as a managed service). This applies to SAP BW on HANA as well as the SAP Business Suite on HANA. In this way, together with our consultants and their best practices, you can ensure that all relevant aspects of SAP HANA, from evaluation to system operation and lifecycle management, are optimally taken into account for your company.



The storage area, in particular, has been hit by massive upheavals in recent years. Former buzzwords such as “software-defined storage” and “object-based storage” have become substantial products of well-known manufacturers and make it increasingly difficult for you as a customer to make a selection for the right storage solution for your application.

We have years of experience with storage systems and architectures of the market leaders and can guide you to a solution that really makes sense. We help you distinguish short-lived trends from meaningful innovations and find the best possible storage environment for you.

We currently have the following storage solutions in our portfolio.

  • IBM Storwize Storage Systems (SAN Volume Controller, V7000, V5000)
  • IBM Spectrum Storage Portfolio (Accelerate / XIV, Scale / ESS, Archive / LTFS)
  • IBM DS8000 Enterprise Storage
  • IBM Flash Systems
  • Fujitsu Eternus CS Virtual Tape Libraries
  • Fujitsu Eternus DX Storage Systems
  • Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS VM)
  • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP)


The optimal network infrastructure is the basis for functional and scalable system landscapes.

We offer the following flexible, scalable, and open standards-based storage networking solutions:

  • Brocade SAN Infrastructure (OEM labelled by IBM, Fujitsu)
  • Ethernet / IP Infrastructure (Cisco, Huawei)