Outsourcing from individual systems or entire data centres and business processes to a cloud service provider brings a multitude of new opportunities for IT infrastructures. But, which components of your IT are suitable for a cloud service? Is off-premise or on-premise the better choice? And how to combine the “classic” IT with the new cloud services?

IT-PS offers special cloud services for IBM-i, AIX, and Linux based on the latest IBM Power technology. Our infrastructure is located in geo-redundant data centres in Vienna, which meet the highest requirements. Due to the chosen infrastructure, we can offer everything from very small and uncritical environments up to enterprise service levels, with very high demands on availability, security, and performance. This includes the entire scope of cloud possibilities, from Infrastructure-as-a-Service to Software-as-a-Service. Quite typical for cloud providers, of course, we can provide very flexible and swift resources, up to entire enterprise environments. Depending on the requirements, the network connection can be completed either by means of Site-2-Site VPN or MPLS.

We work together with well-known providers in this area and offer you our expertise and support to determine which cloud solution makes sense for you. And we have the necessary skills for the practical implementation of cloud projects.



IBM can effectively and efficiently satisfy any customer requirement, from the freely configurable bare-metal server in a global IBM cloud data centre to mapping complete business processes.

As an IBM business partner, we are pleased to advise you on the possibilities that IBM offers and provide a tailor-made solution for you. The basis for this are the following IBM products:

  • IBM Softlayer
  • IBM Bluemix


Microsoft is a leading provider of cloud solutions for enterprise customers as well as SMEs. Our technicians have extensive experience in designing cloud-based Microsoft environments based on the following Microsoft Cloud products:

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Azure


Open Stack

The open stack architecture is an excellent basis for the development of individual cloud services as well as for the connection to services of established cloud providers.

Our technicians have experience in dealing with open stack environments and are happy to help you design and implement your open stack cloud projects.

Request for Cloud-Services

(The following SW is included: for IBM i: IBM i, BRMS, Query; Unlimited User, Java, HTTP, WDS without RDi, PDM; for AIX: AIX)